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Siderurgica Lombarda distributes hard-to-find structural, stainless, tool and other special steels. We maintain a large single-site inventory of steel specialty.

Our in-house value-added processing services are second to none!

Speed in responding to the customer,  high quality standards in selecting products, absolute flexibility both in product customization and in sales volume management: these are the structural cornerstones which allow us to be the “favorite supplier” of many important companies. We are also able to support our customers in international operations/projects even in critical areas.


Cut processing

Siderurgica Lombarda utilizes high-end technology processing equipment for all in-house cutting service (70%). Various saw blade sizes cutting machines satisfy, in a short time, all the needs of our customers. e use various saw blade sizes allow for ever faster and more precise cuts, reducing the possibility of error to a minimum. In fact, it is sufficient to select the products to be cut and the machine is automatically set  with the optimized parameters. We use high-performance BTM band saws, suitable for cutting any type of products, including stainless and high tensile strength grades.


Cutting of long products

Our in-house equipment has various band and disc saws that allow us to cut the bars to the size requested by the customer. Furthermore,  each product line has its own packaging solution to ensure proper safety of your product.

Quality standard

Siderurgica Lombarda is dedicated to continual improvement to ensure that we supply our customers with the highest possible level of special steels and in-house processing.  Since 1980 Siderurgica Lombarda has been operating under Quality Guarantee, only products from leading steel suppliers with ISO 9001 compliant Quality System. All Siderurgica Lombarda warehouses are certified.

Purchase specification

The Technical Service of Siderurgica Lombarda accept as suppliers only authorized steel mills. We guarantee that all our customers receive products that not only comply with the reference standards, but also respond to a purchase specification specifically for each product.

Our customers can rely on a comprehensive service package.