Quenched and tempered steels

Technical data sheets for quenched and tempered steels

Definition and applications

Quenching and tempering steels are a particular category of structural steels intended for quenching and tempering  (normalization treatment is required for unalloyed grades). The special chemical composition of quenched and tempered steels has been specifically created to ensure the best performance after undergoing the  quenching and tempering treatment. It consists of two stages of heat treatment: hardening and tempering, which give the pieces a particular hardness and tenacity, making them suitable for use in even the most severe conditions. . As a result, these steels are used for the construction of mechanical parts which are subjected to static and dynamic loads: all types of shafts, drive shafts, rods, connecting rods, bolts, connecting parts, hammer stems, press columns, supports and levers.   


This group includes all types of  structural steels that are to be quenched and tempered, i.e. which will undergo massive hardening followed by adequate tempering.

When the steel has only been hardened, it takes on an extreme toughness with very low tenacity:  it is therefore necessary to temper the steel in order to  eliminate all the fragility and tension.  Indeed, this process gives the pieces a particular toughness and tenacity, making them suitable for use in even the most severe conditions and reaching a compromise between tenacity/toughness and resilience.

The tempering process is generally carried out on pieces that have reached the final stage of production, after most of the mechanical treatments. In this case, the semi-finished raw material can be supplied in its natural state of being workable as rolled or annealed, depending on the type of steel.



Product range

Steel quality Standard Processing routes Supply status Rounds (mm) Squares (mm) Flats (mm) Blooms* (mm)
A105 ASTM A105 Rolled Natural 30-280      
A105 ASTM A105 Forged Natural 300-450      
LF2 ASTM A350 Rolled Natural 35-320     100-600**
LF2 ASTM A350 Rolled
LF2 ASTM A350 Forged Normalized 330-650      
C43 UNI 7847 Rolled Natural 18-105     100-600**
C43 UNI 7847 Rolled
C43 UNI 7847 Centerless ground Natural 10-100      
C45 EN 10083 Hot rolled Natural 110-320 20-170 40×15-160×60  
C45 EN 10083 Hot rolled Hardened and tempered 110-200      
C45 EN 10083 Forged Natural 330-850      
42CrMo4 EN 10083 Hot rolled Hardened  and tempered 30-320     100-600**
42CrMo4 EN 10083 Forged Hardened and tempered 320-600      
39NiCrMo3 EN 10083 Hot rolled Hardened and tempered 18-320 32-150 50×15-150×80 100-600**
39NiCrMo3 EN 10083 Centerless ground Hardened and tempered 20-100      
39NiCrMo3 EN 10083 Forged Hardened and tempered 300-800      
39NiCrMo3 EN 10083 Rolled Soft annealing 18-220      
39NiCrMo3Pb (EN 10083) Rolled Hardened and tempered 18-200      
40NiCrMo7 (34CrNiMo6) UNI 7845 (EN 10083) Rolled Soft annealing 65-200     200-400
30NiCrMo12 UNI 7845 Rolled Annealed 20-130     200-400
34NiCrMo16 36NiCrMo16 UNI 7845 EN 10083 Rolled Annealed 30-150     200-400

* Blooms: Supply status “natural”
** Available also  720×60