The quality of our products is assured by strict adherence to the highest international standards, as demonstrated by Lloyd’s Register certification that deliver the confidence manufacturers and clients need, providing the technical expertise to ensure products and meet the highest standards.

With a strong commitment to continuous improvement Siderurgica Lombarda S.r.l operates according to the inspiring principles of the ISO 9001 standards in order to optimize the production cycle, expansion of the distribution network and the total quality experience of our products and services.

The company's quality policy

Siderurgica Lombarda’s fundamental philosophy is to give our clients complete and punctual solutions which satisfy their requirements. We work exclusively with the primary certified steel mills which have ISO compliant quality systems, so that we can provide products of proven quality.

Siderurgica Lombarda Management defines our Quality Policy as follows:

In line with our strong commitment to continuous improvement, SL have established a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which complies with the requirements of the UNI reference standard, meaning that we can deliver an effective service that corresponds to our customers’ expectations. This choice also arose from the need to have an effective organizational method which would be capable of guaranteeing customer satisfaction while ensuring their loyalty. We are well aware that the Quality of our Service is paramount to our image and therefore to our position within the market.

Siderurgica Lombarda operates in compliance with the mandatory standards for protecting the health and safety of our workers and of other interested parties, believing that these are also fundamental elements for a correct quality policy.

Our objective is to direct the efforts of all of our staff towards careful management of quality-related problems. We therefore believe that everybody needs to have a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the quality of their work. To reach these targets, Siderurgica Lombarda take an active role in promoting and guiding all activities that influence quality. Siderurgica Lombarda deliver comprehensive services which include corporate structures, products whose qualitative characteristics are compliant with purchase specifications, at an appropriate price and in accordance with the company’s quality policy. For this reason we take on the responsibilities associated with the sale of our products so as to ensure customer satisfaction.

To this end, Siderurgica Lombarda have identified a series of indicators suitable for monitoring the general objectives set out above.

In particular, they concern the following areas/types:

  • Performance: turnover, profitability, volumes.
  • Paying attention to our customers: complaints and level of satisfaction.
  • Efficiency: order correctness, punctuality and quality of our materials.
  • Efficacy: monitoring plant downtime.

The General Management believes that the application of a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard is an essential tool for achieving the set objectives, trusting that the behavior of everybody in the company is consistent with this decision.

The Management