Hot work tool steels

Technical data sheets for hot work tool steel grades


Hot work tool steels are a particular category of tool steels. They are used for making work parts which are employed in the temperature range from  450°C to 600°C, but also fluctuating termic loads. Hot work steels are used for die-casting molds of light alloys, liners, mandrels and other parts for extrusion presses, hot shear blades, equipment for the production of bolts. In this steel family we find the brands 2714, 2365, 2343 and 2344. Tool steels for hot work must be able to withstand not only mechanical and abrasive stresses but also have a high tempering resistance.


The characteristics of the steels marketed by Siderurgica Lombarda, along with the precise processing procedure, guarantee a product of the highest quality. The range of products consists of various steels in different formats: round, flat, square, angular, hexagonal, tubes, sheets, coils and slabs.

Product range


Quality IMS Standard UNI W.N° AISI Processing routs Supply status Rounds (mm) Squared (mm) Flats (mm) Plates (spess. mm) Applications
W.2365 EN 4957 32CrMoV12-28 30CrMoV1227KU 1.2365 H10 Peeled/ Turned Annealed 30,8-403      

Molds for heavy metal alloy die-casting with high melting temperatures, liners, mandrels and other details for extrusion presses, equipment for the production of steel hardware.

W.2343 EN 4957 X37CrMoV51 X37CrMoV51KU 1.2343 H11 Peeled/Turned Annealed 20,5-413      

Die casting molds for light alloys, molds for hot forging press of steel, brass, aluminum and its alloys, shear blades for hot cutting.

W.2343 EN 4957 X37CrMoV51 X37CrMoV51KU     Rolled/Forged Annealed   80-150    
W.2343R EN 4957 X37CrMoV51ESR X37CrMoV51KU 1.2343 H11 Turned Annealed 423-703       Similar to W.1.2343 but with greater requirements.
W.2344 EN 4957 X40CrMoV51 X40CrMoV51.1KU 1.2344 H13 Peeled/Turned Annealed 20,8-503      

Moulds and equipment for die-casting of light alloys, dies for aluminum extrusion, moulds for hot forging of steel, extractors

 W.2344  EN 4957 X40CrMoV51  X40CrMoV51.1KU  1.2344  H13 Rolled/Forged Annealed     40×10
W.2344R EN 4957 X40CrMoV51 ESR X40CrMoV51.1KU 1.2344 H13   Annealed 513-703      

Similar to 2344 but with greater requirements.

W.2714 EN 4957 55NiCrMoV7 56NiCrMoV7KU 1.2714 ~L6 Turned Hardened and tempered R=1250-1400 N/mm2 91-843     200-660

Blocks for hammer and shearwater moulds, mallets, hot rolling cylinders, high hardness dies and punches for cold use.

W.2714 EN 4957 55NiCrMoV7 56NiCrMoV7KU 1.2714 ~L6 Rolled/Forged Annealed 202-853      
W.2767 EN 4957 45NiCrMo16 40NiCrMoV16KU 1.2767   Peeled/Turned Annealed 20,8-353       Anvils and hammers for hammers, dies and punches for horizontal forging machines, rollers for hot calenders, molds for cold working of cutlery and goldsmithing
W.2767 EN 4957 45NiCrMo16 40NiCrMoV16KU 1.2767   Rolled/Forged Annealed Annealed