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Structural steels are usually employed in the building sector, although they are often used in mechanics. In the sector of long rolled products, these steels are regulated by the UNI EN standard 10025-2.


Stainless steel is the term used to describe a remarkable and extremely versatile family of engineering materials, which are selected primarily for their corrosion and heat resistant properties.

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Tool steels are used for making the tools that are necessary for hot- or cold-working of metallic and non-metallic materials.  They are also used in manufacturing precision instruments or highly stressed mechanical components. 

Hot rolled seamless tubes in different size, specifications, grades & thickness find their application in general mechanics and machine building. Some specific uses such as pressure vessels and structural are excluded.


Speed in responding to the customer,  high quality standards in selecting products, absolute flexibility both in product customization and in sales volume management: these are the structural cornerstones which allow us to be the “favorite supplier” of many important companies. We are also able to support our customers in international operations/projects even in critical areas.



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